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Wedding Violinists in Pensacola FL

Wedding Violinists in Pensacola FL: Supposey Venue

Getting married in Pensacola FL? We provide Live Music for Weddings, Wedding Violinists for Wedding Ceremonies and Elegant Music for Cocktail Hour.

Wedding violinist near Pensacola FL Supposey Venue
Wedding violinist near Pensacola FL Supposey Venue

Photos by Higgins Photo Film

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The Best Live Music for Your Wedding Ceremony near Pensacola

New fear unlocked: imagine taking the time to plan your entire wedding (AKA the most special day of your life) and forgetting the MUSIC!? Um... yeah, that's kind of tragic. If we are being honest, we all got a curated playlist for EVERY season of life -- we play sad songs when we need to wallow and play fun beats whenever we want to shake it off! So why wouldn't you have special music for your wedding?

Live wedding music for your wedding ceremony is one of the best decision you can make to elevate your day not only for your own enjoyment but also to treat your guest. This is TRULY a core memory that people won't forget so soon-- Imagine walking down the aisle as the song of your DREAMS fill the air (yes, Marvelous Strings will play your special request!), your guests are looking at you with genuine smiles and teared eyes... Everything is just pure bliss! That's the beauty of adding live music: emotional wow-factor from beginning to end!

The Most Stunning Wedding Venue in Pensacola FL

If you're getting married in Pensacola FL, you NEED to check out this venue! Supposey is located in Pensacola Downtown and it truly is one of the most stunning, luxurious venue we've played yet!

Supposey Venue has a romantic outdoor courtyard perfect for ceremonies or cocktail hour while the jaw-dropping indoor space is perfect for ceremonies or wedding receptions. Rain or Shine, you can't never go wrong when booking this wedding venue!

Timeless Wedding Photography in Pensacola FL

Looking for the most timeless, elegant, and professional wedding photographer in Pensacola and near areas? We HIGHLY recommend Higgins Photo Film because we've witness their professionalism, genuine connection with couples, and the most creative eyes for capturing EMOTION. Honestly, this is all you ever WANT, right?


Florals: Chrissy Florals

Ceremony Music: Marvelous Strings

Reception DJ: Roger Martinez

Bride & Grr]oom: Juliana & Miguel

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